Connecting You with Optimum Solutions for Managing Waste

Since 1981, Nexeo Solutions’ Environmental Services Group continues to offer a full spectrum of unbiased sustainable solutions.

Rest assured, by connecting you with our established network of facilities and audited suppliers we can serve you quickly, reliably and safely. We offer the most comprehensive, safe and cost-effective waste management services in the industry.

A customized solution to fit your business with Nexeo Solutions as an extension of your team.  Our comprehensive services include:

  • Hazardous & Nonhazardous Waste Disposal
  • Recovery / Reuse / Recycling
  • Lab pack
  • Project Management
  • On-Site Services

Comprehensive Account Management

From Sourcing to Strategy


Our dedicated account managers provide you with one central contact for all your environmental needs.

  • Dedicated account team leader
  • One central contact for corporate communication
  • Empowered to engage all the resources of Nexeo Solutions
  • Real-time information provided through ERP & CRM systems
  • Backed by a dedicated business solutions group
  • Identify sourcing & supply chain alternatives


Our regional account managers offer local site representation to implement and manage your desired waste strategy.

  • Provides local technical service and expertise
  • Implement & manage business strategy per SAM
  • Ensure all quality & delivery needs are met
  • Manage pricing for business as needed locally
  • Share real-time data via CRM system
  • Evaluate your local needs and initiatives