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As a leading supplier of chemicals and raw materials to the coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers (CASE) markets, we have a wide range of core commodity and specialty products, along with dedicated technical sales support, to meet your formulation and regulatory needs.

CASE Specialty Chemicals
Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomers

Supplier Product Description Region Category
Active Minerals Min-U-Gel® Attapulgite Clay, Acti-Gel® Magnesium Aluminosilicate Thixotrope Regional Functional Additives
AGC Chemicals Lumiflon® Fluoropolymer Resins and Polyols Regional Resins
AkzoNobel Quaternary Amine & Specialty Surfactants, ALCOGUM Thickeners National Functional Additives
Albemarle Corporation Ethacure® Polyurethane Curatives, Secondary Aromatic Amines and Aliphatic Diamines. FirstCure® UV Additives - DMPT & MHPT Regional Curatives
Arkema Coating Resins ENCOR® Acrylic, Styrene Acrylic, Vinyl Acrylic & VAE latexes, NEOCAR® Vinyl Versatate Modified Latexes, SNAP® Nano-Acrylic Polymers and CELOCOR® Opaque Polymers, CELOCOR® Opacifier Resin National Resins
BASF High Performance Solvents; Aprotic/Glymes, 1,3-Dioxolane and 1,4-Dioxane National Functional Additives
BASF - Polyurethanes Lupranate® MDI & TDI Isocyanates, Pluracol® Polyether Polyols, & Lupraphen® Polyester Polyols National Resins & Curatives
BASF - Specialty Monomers Specialty Monomers for Emulsion & Solution Polymerization National Resins
Cabot Fumed Silica & Dispersions, Fumed Alumina and Aerogel National Functional Additives
Cabot Specialty Carbon Black Pigments National Pigments
Clariant - Pigments Organic Pigments, Pigment Preparations & Dyes Regional Pigments/Dispersions
Coatex Waterborne rheology additives including ViscoatexTM and ThixolTM acrylic thickeners, RheotechTM (HASE & ASE) associative acrylic thickeners , CoapurTM polyurethane (HEUR) based rheology modifiers and CoadisTM & EcodisTM dispersing agents National Functional Additives
Cristal TiO2 National Pigments/Dispersions
Dow Chemical CELLOSIZE, TERGITOL, TRITON National Functional Additives
Dow Perfomance Silicones Silicone Additives, Resins and Intermediates National Resins & Functional Additives
Dow Perfomance Silicones (Xiameter) Silicone Fluids, Intermediates, Resins, Silanes, Emulsions, Antifoams and Copolymers National Resins & Functional Additives
DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts Renewably resourced Susterra® 1,3-Propanediol National Functional Additives
Grace Materials Technologies Syloid® Matting Silicas, Free-Flow / Anti-Caking Silicas, Colloidal Silicas, Molecular Sieves and Shieldex® Anti-Corrosive Pigments Regional Functional Additives
Hexion - Epoxy Epon™ Epoxy Resins, EPIKURE™, Hardeners, Heloxy™ Modifiers, Diluents and Accelerators National Resins & Curatives
Huntsman Performance Products Jeffamine® Amines Regional Curatives
Imerys Calcium Carbonates and Clays (Aluminum Silicate) Regional Minerals
Imerys Talc Mistron®, Cimpact®, Jetfil®, Stellar®, Vertal®, Artic Mist®, Nicron® & Silverline® grades Regional Minerals
Indulor Styrene Acrylic Solid Resins, Styrene Acrylic Resin Solutions, Dispersions & Emulsions & Colloidal Acrylic Emulsions National Resins
King Industries Catalysts, Corrosion Inhibitors, Dispersant Technology, Reactive Diluents, Rheology Modifiers, Surface Control Additives & Polyester Polyols Regional Functional Additives
Korea PTG PTMEG Polyols National Curatives
LCY Elastomers Globalprene® SBS / SIS / SEBS Copolylmers National Resins
Malvern Minerals Novacite® Silica, Novakup® Treated Extender Pigments National Functional Additives
Micro Powders Micronized Polyethylene, PTFE and Fischer-Tropsch Waxes Regional Functional Additives
Momentive Performance Materials - Urethane Additives Silicone Surfactants, Amine & Tin Catalysts and Processing Additives National Functional Additives
Neville Chemical Hydrocarbon, Phenolic Modified & Tackifying Resins, Secondary Plasticizers, Diluents & Cumar-Indene Resins Regional Resins
NYCO Minerals Nyad® Wollastonite Micro-Fiber Reinforcing Fillers and Wollastocoat® treated grades Regional Minerals
Perstorp Polyols Capa Caprolactones, Oxymer PC Diols, Boltorn Dendritic Polymers, Charmor Intumescent Regional Curatives & Functional Additives
Pinova Rosin and Polyterpene Resins, Tackifier resin dispersions National Resins
Polynt-Reichhold Alkyd Resins & Latexes, Epoxy Resins & Curing Agents, Polyurethanes & Polyols, Polyesters, Acr ylic L atex, Vinyl & Styrenated Acr ylics, Solution Acrylics, Powder Resins and UV Curables Regional Resins & Curatives
Rio Tinto Minerals Zinc Borate Regional Functional Additives
Silberline Leafing & Non-Leafing Aluminum Pigments / Paste, Vacuum Metallized & Effect Pigments Regional Pigments/Dispersions
Solvay Defoamers, Dispersants, Wetting Agents, Surfactants, Specialty Monomers & Functional Additives National Functional Additives
Solvay AEROSOL® sulfosuccinate and sulfosuccinamate surfactants (CYTEC) National Functional Additives
Special Materials Company DCP Flame Retardants National Functional Additives
Sumitomo Resourcinol – Adhesion promotion for rubber to metal substrates National & Regional Functional Additives
TPC Group Polyisobutylenes (PIB) National Resins
Wanhua Chemical (America) Aliphatic Diisocyanates, Wannate® IPDI, Wanamine® IPDA, Wanamine® HMDA Regional Resins
Wansheng Material Science Polyphosphate & Chloro-Polyphosphate Plasticizer Flame Retardants National Functional Additives






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