Formulated specifically for all types of AVIATION windscreens

When we developed a windscreen cleaner, we formulated one that would attack tough surface grime – without harming the delicate finish of a transparency. One that would, unlike a lot of cleaners, work equally well on all transparency surfaces without harm.

Prist (black)Prist acrylic & plastic windshield cleaner works safely and easily on all acrylic, stretched acrylic, polycarbonate, glass and coated glass aircraft windscreens. And it works inside and outside the aircraft, and on metal and vinyl, without harming painted surfaces.

  • Exceeds military specifications
  • Dissolves grease and sticky residue
  • Contains no abrasives
  • Contains anti-static compound to prevent attracting dirt & damaging particles
  • Dispenses as foam, so work areas are easily defined.

Most general purpose cleaners contain harsh solvents that will eventually cause windscreen hazing or streaking – especially on non-glass surfaces.

Prist cleaner contains no abrasive cleaning agents or propellants. And unlike other cleaners, it dispenses as a foam, so work areas are easily defined.

Prist cleaner effectively breaks down and removes stubborn grease, and dissolves sticky organic residue from insects and birds. Its fast-acting formulation provides tough cleaning power with a minimum of scrubbing.

And Prist cleaner also contains an anti-static compound that prevents the buildup of static charge, which can attract damaging airborne particles that scratch surfaces during cleaning.

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