PRIST is the most trusted anti-icing aviation fuel additive in the industry

Prist (orange)

Why you should use a fuel additive?

All turbine aircraft fuels contain some dissolved water. It cannot be extracted because it does not exist as particulate water. When an aircraft rises to flight altitude, the fuel cools and its capacity to retain dissolved water is reduced. Some of the dissolved water separates out as discrete water that can form into ice crystals or remain as a super-cooled liquid.

When super-cooled water strikes a tubing bend or a filter, it can freeze quickly and block a fuel line or filter. If suspended ice crystals are present, they can also block a filter.

Prist Hi-Flash anti-icing aviation fuel additive controls icing in aircraft fuel by depressing the freezing point of water.


Why you should choose PRIST HI-FLASH

Prist Hi-Flash anti-icing aviation fuel additive was developed to meet the new demands of the aviation industry.  Next generation Hi-Flash additive is less toxic, less volatile, and much easier to use than conventional additives.


Fully Authorized & Approved

Prist Hi-Flash anti-icing aviation fuel additive is authorized by the United States Armed Forces under Military Specification Mil-DTL-85470(B), and by the ASTM under Standard D4171 for use in civilian jet fuels as a fuel system icing inhibitor. As part of its ASTM approval process, the formulation of Prist Hi-Flash additive was reviewed and approved by turbine engine and turbine aircraft airframe manufacturers worldwide.

Prist Hi-Flash additive is recommended for every refueling at a dosage rate of .10% minimum to .15% maximum by volume. For your convenience, Prist Hi-Flash additive comes in three package sizes.


Controlling Fuel System Icing

Prist Hi-Flash additive has limited solubility in jet fuel, but is completely soluble in water. When dissolved water separates from the fuel, some amount of Prist Hi-Flash additive quickly leaves the fuel and preferentially dissolves in the water. This depresses the water’s freezing point. As the fuel gets colder, and more water particles appear, more Prist Hi-Flash additive leaves the fuel and enters the water, and your aircraft’s fuel lines stay clear.

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