Improve Decision Making with Real-Time Tank Level Inventory Information


Advance Operations with Accurate, Up-To-Date Information

Nexeo Solutions’ Telemetry Services helps you make informed decisions. The wireless technology takes the guessing out of inventory levels, enabling you to monitor and automatically replenish your storage tanks to agreed-upon levels. The program’s intelligent software suite provides detailed reporting on past and projected usage for business analytics.


Operators get real-time alerts from an around-the-clock monitoring system and views of all actions in their storage systems. Notifications are configured to be sent via e-mail and SMS text message when specific levels are reached. You can now see your tank inventory in real time, placing you in full control of your production planning and material usage.



  • 24/7 tank monitoring
  • Multiple levels of storage monitoring, including bulk and mini bulk systems or tote/drum systems
  • Customized data integration into company processes and ERP systems
  • Enhances employee safety by eliminating the need for an employee to physically check the tank
  • Smart scheduling that reduces emergency orders

Address Your Storage Needs No Matter the Environment

Take advantage of two distinct levels of storage monitoring to best fit your landscape. Whether your facility is built around bulk and mini-bulk tank systems or tote/ drum systems, our service provides a monitoring program that is a perfect fit. Each system is customizable to your specific need and environment and includes an economical equipment monitoring solution, simple installation and automated control package.


Nexeo Solutions helps customize your inventory management by offering multiple ownership and financial options, and integration of available data into your company processes and ERP system that you can monitor from any point on the globe.



  • Refineries, plants and terminals
  • Manufacturing sites, blending operations and distribution points
  • Oil and gas operations
  • Storage locations
  • Mini bulk and tanks

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How Telemetry Services can Enhance Your Bulk Chemical Management

Telemetry, or the technology and services that automate tank inventory and level management, is becoming a de facto standard for large terminals and energy producers, but smaller manufacturers and downstream producers have been slower in adopting this simple but valuable tool.


Telemetry Services

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Telemetry Services


Real-Time, Accurate Tank Level Inventory Information

Excess or insufficient inventory are costly propositions for any operation. With Nexeo Solutions’ Telemetry Services, you can know the inventory levels in your tanks and storage vessels at all times. Our service eliminates last-minute notifications and emergency orders, giving you the ability to rightsize your inventory in real time.