Our materials are approved to key OEM specifications and cover a wide range of  performance targets

such as impact resistance, durability, aesthetics, lower density, high flow-ability and low thermal expansion.

  • Global customer and Project coordination
  • Dedicated Corporate Account Managers, Field Sellers and ADE
  • Our ADE’s are comprised of experienced industry professionals who will collaborate with the R&D departments to ensure a total competitive solution
  • Expertise in material selection, part design and tool design
  • Following the supply chain from Tier III up to Tier I and OEMs.
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Engineering Thermoplastics

ABS Styron, Kumho – Europe, Elix – Europe
PC Styron, Mitsubishi – Europe
PC/ABS Styron, Mitsubishi – Europe
SAN Styron, Kumho – Europe
PA6 DSM, Eurotec, Solvay – Europe, Volgalon – Europe
PA66 DSM, Eurotec, Invista – Europe, Ascend – Europe, Solvay – Europe
PBT DSM, Eurotec
PET DSM, Eurotec
PETG Selenis
POM Mitsubishi – Europe
Colour MB Styron
MB Colloids
Antimicrobial Parx

Standard Thermoplastics

PP Audia Plastics, Borealis, Braskem, ExxonMobil, Hellenic Petroleum, Sasol, Styron, Sumitomo – Europe
PE Borealis – Europe, Braskem, ExxonMobil, SABIC, Sumitomo – Europe, Total – Europe
PS Styron