Our product line of material solutions for healthcare applications meet characteristics needed for:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Drug and fluid delivery
  • Labware
  • Medical lighting and lenses
  • Packaging
  • Trays
  • Monitoring and imaging
  • Non-woven
  • Disposables, orthopedics, respiratory devices, and surgical instruments
  • Global customer and project coordination
  • Offering customized solutions to the healthcare
  • OEM and processor
  • Technical, regulatory and end use market compliance documentation, including supplier end use approvals
  • Dedicated Application Development Engineers
  • Nexeo Solutions does not support applications for any Class III medical devices including most implants.
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Product Supplier Description
LE660PH Borealis LDPE
LE6607PH Borealis LDPE
LE6609PH Borealis LDPE


Product Supplier Description
HE2581PH Borealis HDPE
HE7541PH Borealis HDPE
HE9621PH3* Borealis HDPE


Product Supplier Description
DM5 5pharm Borealis PP-Homo
HD800CF Borealis PP-Homo
HD850M0 Borealis PP-Homo
HD810M0 Borealis PP-Homo
HF840M0 Borealis PP-Homo
HG820M0 Borealis PP-Homo
HJ875M0 Borealis PP-Homo


Product Supplier Description
BE860M0 Borealis PP-Block


Product Supplier Description
RB845M0 Borealis PP-Random
RB801CF Borealis PP-Random
RD804CF Borealis PP-Random
RD808CF Borealis PP-Random
RF825M0 Borealis PP-Random
RF830M0 Borealis PP-Random
RG835M0 Borealis PP-Random
RJ880M0 Borealis PP-Random

PP Raheco

Product Supplier Description
S8815M0 Borealis PP Raheco
SC876CF Borealis PP Raheco
SC820CF Borealis PP Raheco

PP Terpolymer

Product Supplier Description
TD109CF Borealis PP Terpolymer

PO Specialty

Product Supplier Description
WD170CF Borealis PO Specialty
WE150CF Borealis PO Specialty

TPC, copolyester

Product Supplier Description
Arnitel** EL250 DSM TPC, copolyester
Arnitel**EM400 DSM TPC, copolyester
Arnitel**EM460 DSM TPC, copolyester
Arnitel**EM550 DSM TPC, copolyester
Arnitel**EM740 DSM TPC, copolyester
Arnitel**PL381 DSM TPC, copolyester
Arnitel**PL460 DSM TPC, copolyester
Arnitel**VT3104 DSM TPC, copolyester

PA 4,10

Product Supplier Description
EcoPaXX** Q170-MS DSM PA 4, 10

PBT, polyester

Product Supplier Description
Arnite** T106 202/A DSM PBT, polyester