Plastic processors of any size can benefit from the many advantages we offer, including:

  • Specialized technical service including application problem solving
  • Broad product line representing the world’s leading suppliers
  • Local inventory
  • Personalized customer service
  • Local sales representatives
  • Packaging flexibility: bags, boxes, bulk trucks, railcars
  • Dedicated stocking program for specific customer needs
  • Flexible/frequent delivery service
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Engineering Thermoplastics

Product Supplier
ABS Trinseo, Kumho – Europe
ASA Kumho – Europe
PA 4.10 DSM – Europe
PA 46 DSM – Europe
PA 6 DSM – Europe, Eurotec
PA 66 DSM, Eurotec
PBT DSM – Europe, Mitsubishi – Europe, Eurotec
PC Trinseo, Mitsubishi – Europe, Eurotec
PC/ABS Trinseo, Mitsubishi – Europe
PET DSM – Europe, Eurotec
POK Eurotec
POM Mitsubishi – Europe
PPA DSM – Europe, Eurotec
PPO Eurotec
PPS DSM – Europe, Eurotec
SAN Trinseo, Kumho – Europe
TPC DSM – Europe
TPU Eurotec
MB Dow Corning
Colour MB Trinseo
Antimicrobial Parx

Standard Thermoplastics

Product Supplier
PP Borealis – Europe, Sasol – Europe, Trinseo, Audia Plastics / WP, Eurotec
PE Borealis
PS Trinseo, Kumho – Europe