ST Labs is uniquely positioned to service the needs of the petroleum, petrochemical, refining & chemical industries

We operate four full-service labs in the region:

  • Pasadena, TX
  • Conroe, TX
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Baton Rouge, LA

In addition to our Gulf based operations, we provide specialized chemical testing and analysis to our clients around the world.  Our four labs offer a combined total of more than 15,000 square feet of space for testing including vapor pressure tests and FTIR analysis as well as state of the art equipment including an Agilent LPG Testing analyzer and a mass spectrometer.

Petrochemical testing

ST Laboratories performs a wide variety of tests for our clients representing several different industries and offers a comprehensive suite of chemical testing services, including petrochemical testing and vapor pressure testing. ST Labs provides testing using proprietary and standard methods to the petrochemical, petroleum, refining, and chemical industries.

ST Labs services include:

  • Analytical Testing (24 hours 7 days a week)
  • Specialty Testing
  • Product Development
  • LPG Testing
  • Quality Control

 Types of testing conducted:

Analytical Testing including LPG Analysis

ST Laboratories offers a comprehensive list of standardized analytical tests and a wide range of analytical testing services for petrochemical and petroleum products. But, that’s not all. We go above and beyond industry standards by supplementing standard processes with proprietary solutions to enhance reliability, improve accuracy, and increase speed. Our analytical testing services include general analysis as well as specialized testing including FTIR analysis, NGL analysis and vapor pressure tests.

Specialty Testing – Flash point tests and more

ST Laboratories offers a wide variety of specialty testing services and we apply the highest standards for accuracy and quality to this testing. That includes flash point tests, FTIR analysis, and LPG Testing. Our commitment to accuracy and quality in testing is what our customers have come to expect.

Our specialty testing capabilities include the attention to detail, the expertise, and the equipment to conduct the types of testing that are infrequently performed, need additional customization or require more time to complete. And, with these specialty testing services added to our suite of standard analytical tests, you can see that ST Labs is a full service testing laboratory.

ST Labs performs all testing in accordance with the highest standards. Here are several of the tests and standards we offer:

  • FTIR
  • Flash point
  • Fed Spec
  • Petroleum
  • ASTM
  • IP
  • EN
  • LPG
  • DIN
  • EPA
  • AOCS
  • UOP
  • Mil Spec
  • CFR
  • ISO
  • Custom
  • USP
  • Classic
  • Proprietary
  • Sulfur analysis

Quality Control

The key to delivering accuracy is to have reliable processes that meet or exceed the industry standard. Our focus on both standard and proprietary processes allows our chemical testing laboratory to routinely exceed standards, which is why customers believe in ST Laboratories for our testing, including flash point tests, FTIR analysis, vapor pressure tests, sulfur analysis, and LPG Testing.

We are painstaking professionals who believe in doing the job right. As proof, we generate a Certificate of Analysis for every test we perform. We also retain samples of all tested products and a digital record of all quality control tests.

You’ll be impressed with our ability to deliver accurate results quickly and reliably.


At ST Labs, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality and accuracy in our technical services. For our clients, this means that we utilize the most current testing equipment, processes and standards and even develop our own proprietary methods. The ISO certifications we have been awarded at our two primary chemical testing laboratories demonstrate this commitment to accuracy.

Our flagship chemical testing laboratory in Pasadena, Texas, has received the prestigious ISO 17025:2005 accreditation. ISO 17025 is the highest, most stringent accreditation for chemical testing laboratories and demonstrates our commitment to the highest levels of service, quality and accuracy.

ISO 17025 Certificate: Pasadena, TX

In June of 2008, our Conroe, Texas laboratory was ISO 9001 certified. This certification reflects our dedication to excellence in all areas of our lab operations including quality control, product testing and product development.

ISO 9001 Certificate; Conroe, TX

LPG Testing – Composition Testing

ASTM D2163 is a critical test for LPG samples because gas composition and impurities have a direct impact on calorific value and burning cleanliness. ST Labs utilizes Gas Chromatography performed with an Agilent LPG analyzer to determine overall composition. This analysis conforms to strict industry standards and identifies hydrocarbon content from C1 – C6 in LPG samples.

LPG Testing – Sulfur Analysis Testing

LPG is largely sulfur free which allows it to be used in a range of sensitive applications. However, it is critical to make sure that application standards are met which necessitates the need to be able to detect even trace amounts of sulfur in LPG samples.

ST Labs performs ASTM D6667 LPG sulfur analysis utilizing an Antek Sulfur Analyzer to identify Total Volatile Sulfur.

FTIR Analysis

A workhorse technique for materials analysis, FTIR Analysis has been used in chemical testing laboratories for more than 80 years. Not surprisingly, FTIR, or Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, is a specialty at ST Laboratories. Infrared Spectroscopy is useful for various types of analysis including:

  • Testing for the quality or consistency of a sample.
  • Making a determination of the amount of components in a mixture.
  • The identification of unknown material.

ST Labs offers FTIR Analysis for:

  • Quantitative Scans
  • Solids, Liquids, Gases
  • Organic Samples
  • Unknowns Identification
  • Qualitative Scans
  • Impurities Screening
  • Inorganic Samples

ST Labs performs ASTM D6667 LPG sulfur analysis utilizing an Antek Sulfur Analyzer to identify Total Volatile Sulfur.

Vapor Pressure Tests

An important physical property of volatile liquids such as gasoline, petroleum and crude oil is vapor pressure. In fact, its importance requires that it must be tested to meet safety standards. ST Laboratories, as an expert in the field, takes this type of testing very seriously.

A vapor pressure test measures the pressure exerted by a vapor in equilibrium with component solids or liquids at a given temperature in a closed system. At relatively normal temperatures, certain materials with high vapor pressures are considered to be volatile.

ST Labs performs a wide range of vapor pressure tests, including:

  • Liquid petroleum gases (ASTM D-1267)
  • Crude oil (ASTM D-6377)
  • Gasoline and gasoline oxygenate blends (ASTM D-4953)
  • Vapor-liquid ratio temperature determination of fuels (ASTM D-5188)
  • Petroleum products, hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon-oxygenate mixtures (ASTM D-6378)

Gas Chromatography

One of the most widely used techniques in analytical chemistry today, ST Laboratories uses gas chromatography to help customers test their chemicals. Gas chromatography is a testing method that separates and identifies the components of a complex mixture. ST Labs employs this technique for a variety of analysis including testing the purity of a substance.

Gas chromatography is an ideal tool to analyze liquid and gas samples containing many hundreds or even thousands of different molecules. Since it is used to separate complex mixtures of different molecules based on their physical properties, it allows the analyst to identify both the types of molecular species present and their concentrations.

ICP Analysis (Inductively coupled plasma analysis)

Our main focus at ST Labs is accuracy. Above all else, our testing must be accurate. It’s that simple. Accuracy brings confidence. The presence of an ICP Mass Spectrometer on-site helps us achieve that goal. The unit allows us to perform ICP analysis and test for trace metals, both quantitatively and qualitatively, with greater precision, sensitivity and speed than many other labs.

In general, ICP is a type of analysis that uses emission spectroscopy to produce ions that emit electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths characteristic of a particular element. The intensity of this emission is indicative of the concentration of the element within the sample. Unlike atomic absorption spectroscopy, which can only measure a single element at a time, ICP analysis has the capability to scan for all elements simultaneously. This allows for rapid sample processing.

The combination of our ICP Mass Spectrometer and our commitment to accuracy means you can be confident in ICP testing from ST Laboratories.

Sulfur Analysis

ST Laboratories ensures a complete testing process and accurate results by applying strict standards to its sulfur analysis and testing services. As government regulations continue to tighten controls and gradually reduce the sulfur content of fuels, sulfur detection, and analysis is becoming increasingly important in petroleum and petrochemical industries. The primary reason these regulations have been and continue to be introduced is because sulfur and its compounds cause damage to engines and to the environment.

Using standardized methods for sulfur analysis, we ensure that test results deliver the precise and accurate data that you need in order to build growth into your operation and for customer compliance. ST Labs has the technology to test for total sulfur, elemental sulfur, and sulfates on a wide range of materials.

Learn more about our standard testing services and our proprietary methods.

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