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ISO 80369: A New Standard to Avoid Medical Device Misconnections

A medical device misconnection is often defined as “a connection between devices that is not intended to connect, unintentionally delivering medication, oxygen or fluid to the wrong place.” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the medical device industry have taken actions to reduce the likelihood of misconnections by creating a new industry standard: ISO 80369.


How Telemetry Services can Enhance Your Bulk Chemical Management

Telemetry, or the technology and services that automate tank inventory and level management, is becoming a de facto standard for large terminals and energy producers, but smaller manufacturers and downstream producers have been slower in adopting this simple but valuable tool.


Understanding Plastics Material Selection in Healthcare and Commercial Grades Varieties

Being able to choose the correct material that is cost-effective while meeting performance and regulatory goals can make the difference in successful product launches and adoption into the marketplace.


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Case Studies


New Material Gives New Dimension to 3D Printed Circuit Board Testing

A railcar manufacturer needed a more effective method to test printed circuit boards under harsh real-world conditions and called on Nexeo Solutions’ 3D team to recommend a shell filament material that would pass both industry testing standards and make 3D printing a viable.


Mouthguard Maker Scores with 3D Printing Technology

Nexeo Solutions and supplier–partner DSM provided technical expertise to a Dutch sports consortium that was developing an athletic mouthguard, recommending Arnitel®ID 2045 filament for an optimal fit and performance.


High-End Pool and Spa Manufacturer Puts 3D Printing Technology to Work

The Nexeo Solutions 3D team helped the customer redesign a valve which was 60% lighter in weight and offered a high-performance DSM filament material to achieve a successful 3D printed piece.


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Telemetry Services

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Telemetry Services


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Line Cards



High-quality chemicals supply to the commercial aerospace markets.


Personal Care Ingredients – Midwest

Whether you’re searching for the right specialty personal care ingredients or need formulation assistance, Nexeo Solutions is your one-stop-shop.


Personal Care Ingredients – Northeast

Whether you’re searching for the right specialty personal care ingredients or need formulation assistance, Nexeo Solutions is your one-stop-shop.


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Telemetry Services

Excess or insufficient inventory are costly propositions for any operation. With Nexeo Solutions’ Telemetry Services, you can know the inventory levels in your tanks and storage vessels at all times. Our service eliminates last-minute notifications and emergency orders, giving you the ability to rightsize your inventory in real time.


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Product Summaries


Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol, functions in many applications as carriers, blend components, reactants, diluents and primary solvents.



Aminosperse is an additive for use with water-borne coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants and other industrial products.


Neutrasperse ZVOC

Neutrasperse ZVOC is a unique, multifunctional dispersant and neutralizing agent for use with water-borne coatings, adhesives, sealants and other industrial applications.


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Tech Insights


Advantages of Using Dimethyl Carbonate as a Replacement in Formulations

Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) has been used successfully across numerous industries and market applications, and is generally considered by the industry to be safe and reliable for a variety of industrial, institutional, commercial and household products.


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