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Understanding Plastics Material Selection in Healthcare and Commercial Grades Varieties

Being able to choose the correct material that is cost-effective while meeting performance and regulatory goals can make the difference in successful product launches and adoption into the marketplace.


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Case Studies


Improved Logistics and Supply Chain for Leading Paint Manufacturer

Nexeo Solutions helped a leading paint manufacturer choose a better material and overcome numerous supply chain obstacles to improve its product line.


Manufacturer Improves PVC Power Washer Hose With Custom Formulation

Nexeo Solutions proposed a custom polyolefin blend for a power washer hose manufacturer, improving batch consistency and product quality, saving the customer time and expenses.


Recycle/Reuse Program For Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Nexeo Solutions created a comprehensive reduction plan for a construction equipment manufacturer to reduce waste and recycle more efficiently, while ensuring the entire program worked within the plant’s current production flow.


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Telemetry Services

Excess or insufficient inventory are costly propositions for any operation. With Nexeo Solutions’ Telemetry Services, you can know the inventory levels in your tanks and storage vessels at all times. Our service eliminates last-minute notifications and emergency orders, giving you the ability to rightsize your inventory in real time.


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Product Overviews


Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC)

Dimethyl Carbonate is an organic compound commonly known by its acronym DMC. Manufactured as a clear, colorless liquid, DMC is attractive because of its low evaporation rate, low density, low toxicity, mild odor and biodegradability.


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Tech Insights


Advantages of Using Dimethyl Carbonate as a Replacement in Formulations

Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) has been used successfully across numerous industries and market applications, and is generally considered by the industry to be safe and reliable for a variety of industrial, institutional, commercial and household products.


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