Additive Solves Breakage Problem for Soap and Detergent Maker

Reduced Costs and Manufacturing Time

As consumer products companies look to maximize profits in today’s uber-competitive environment, every manufacturing inefficiency must be identified and corrected to keep vital market share. A leading manufacturer of well-known laundry and household care products was challenged with an ongoing and costly cap breakage issue for its containers and needed help to solve the problem. The company’s current polypropylene cap material along with a particularly long conveyance within the plant to the bottling line combined to produce an unacceptable 30% scrap rate.


Nexeo Solutions proposed a polyolefin elastomer additive from a top supplier to toughen the end product and increase durability. We sent samples to the customer and worked with its engineering staff to test varying percentages of the additive to eliminate the breakage, ultimately landing on the ideal percentage of additive use to achieve a 0% failure rate. Once we determined the optimal mix to eliminate the cap failure, we provided additional customer support to help the customer ensure cycle times were maintained after the change in the formula.


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