Developed a Customized Supply Chain Solution for Coatings Manufacturer

Improved Efficiencies and Reduced Expenses

A coatings manufacturer in the automotive industry sought a more efficient method of moving bulk chemicals into its supply chain. The company managed approximately 20 bulk products, with roughly half purchased from Nexeo Solutions and the remainder purchased from another producer. However, the company’s product volume and small storage tanks necessitated multiple terminals, split loads of numerous products and multiple daily deliveries. This layout sometimes even resulted in the company incurring minimum-use penalties. The customer’s product mix and delivery frequency presented unique logistical challenges that needed to be overcome to make the process more efficient.


Working with the customer’s existing producer, Nexeo Solutions consolidated the business and arranged to deliver all of the bulk chemicals to the coatings manufacturer through a custom supply chain solution. Nexeo Solutions also installed a telemetry system to optimize the customer’s inventory and ordering system, giving both parties continuous access to real-time tank levels and other data.


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