High-End Pool and Spa Manufacturer Puts 3D Printing Technology to Work

Helped Customer Improve Valve Design

Fluidra, a maker of heaters, pumps and filters for the international pool and spa industry, needed help developing a series of fluid valves, hoping to replace the standard injected valve with a 3D printed version that would perform just as well. The consistent repeatability and lower cost of a 3D printed assembly were promising, but the current design was experiencing strong warpage and taking longer than one unit per day during printing—too slow to produce the needed 400 units per year on a single printer.


Nexeo Solutions’ 3D printing team went to work, addressing several design and printing constraints. Our professionals alerted the customer to a number of 3D printing best practices based on the desired product attributes, helping Fluidra select a filament material that would perform given the mechanical requirements.


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