Improved Formula for Manufacturer of Skincare Products

Helped Expand Line of Custom Products

A manufacturer of specialty skincare products wanted to develop a biphasic makeup remover that would provide consumers with a gentle but effective formula to remove even waterproof makeup and mascara. So-called biphasic removers have two distinct layers—a water-based phase and an oil-based phase—that activate when the bottle is shaken, offering consumers a product that cleanses completely without drying the sensitive skin around the eye. The manufacturer, known as an innovative producer and turnkey private-label partner, looked for a collaborator to help develop an effective formulation with a pleasing aesthetic.


Nexeo Solutions’ lab services team provided three initial blends to the manufacturer for consideration. After a minor modification to the chosen formula, the customer observed a slight, foamy third layer between the water layer and the oil layer. The lab services team went back to work to troubleshoot and eliminate the offensive third layer, first replicating the issue observed in the initial formula and then screening 10 different formula modifications to evaluate the effect of different oils and preservatives on the resulting layers.


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Helped Expand Line of Custom Products
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