National Waste Program For Wire and Cable Maker Helped Achieve Zero Landfill Goals

Helped Customer Achieve Zero-Landfill Goals

A leading manufacturer of industrial cable and wire that is used in the distribution and transmission of electricity sought a strategic partner to help deliver a comprehensive waste program for its more than 50 national locations. Each site had unique capabilities and waste streams, many of which included materials such as polyvinyl chloride/nylon, crosslinked polyethylene and chlorinated polyethylene that are traditionally difficult to recycle or dispose of. Complicating the challenge was the fact that the company had recently acquired two cable companies, effectively doubling the number of locations and increasing the complexity of the rollout.


Nexeo Solutions reviewed the manufacturer’s waste streams, site capabilities and current practices to gain a solid understanding of each plant’s needs and processes. Once fully assessed, a tailored waste solution was created for each location, as well as vetting and selecting vendors and developing the supply chain. Nexeo Solutions employed a strategic mix of technologies such as wastewater treatment, recycling, waste-to-energy, fuels blending and beneficial reuse to successfully divert waste from landfills.


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