Recycling Solution Has Major Disposable Camera Maker Smiling

Improved Landfill Diversion Rates

Despite the proliferation of smartphone cameras, the single-use camera market continues to thrive and is still popular with tourists, at theme parties and as wedding favors, among other uses. But once retailers and corner drug stores develop the film, what happens to the tens of thousands of disposable cameras that allow people to take photos anytime, anywhere?


A major camera and film manufacturer turned to Nexeo Solutions for help with this unusual disposal problem. The company already had an efficient and inspiring system for recycling its own cameras, employing disabled and developmentally challenged workers to help sort their own brand of cameras for breakdown and parts reuse. But as the operator of a receiving center for all disposable photo equipment brands, they struggled with what to do with competitors’ products that had been returned with no final directive and were left for landfill.


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