Telemetry Services


Excess or insufficient inventory are costly propositions for any operation. With Nexeo Solutions’ Telemetry Services, you can know the inventory levels in your tanks and storage vessels at all times. Our service eliminates last-minute notifications and emergency orders, giving you the ability to rightsize your inventory in real time. The telemetry service is the perfect answer for customers who require predictability in tank inventory control and want to end the paper-based chemical order process.


Up-to-date information for better decision making

Nexeo Solutions’ Telemetry Services helps you make informed decisions. The wireless technology takes the guessing out of inventory levels, enabling you to monitor and automatically replenish your storage tanks to agreed-upon levels. The program’s intelligent software suite provides detailed reporting on past and projected usage for business analytics.


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Telemetry Services

Take the guesswork out of your inventory levels. Telemetry Services enables you to monitor and automatically replenish your storage tanks.


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