Dow’s integrated, market-driven, industry-leading portfolio of specialty chemical, advanced materials, agrosciences and plastics businesses delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers in approximately 180 countries and in high growth sectors such as packaging, electronics, water, coatings and agriculture.

Dow is a major producer of ethylene oxide, various acrylates, surfactants, and cellulose resins. They also produce agricultural chemicals including the pesticide Lorsban and consumer products including Styrofoam


Product Line

Product Chemistry Function Performance Attribute Application
Cellosize Rheology Modifier Nonionic water soluble polymer, Efficient thickener, Helps to suspend emulsify and form film, Excellent tollerents to electrolytes Hand, Facial and Body wash Facial, Body
Gels and Creams
Methocel Rheology Modifier/Foam & lather enhancer Improved Foam Properties Thickening, Broad pH range (3-11), Improved mildness and perfume deposition, Bio base, Non-ethoxylated,
no 1,4 dioxane
Creams & Lotions, Shaving prep, Hand and Body Wash, Facial and Body Moisturizer
Kytamer ™ PC Polymer Moisturizing agent Substantive, Forms glossy, strong, flexible films, Humectant – water retaining, Non-sticky natural feel on hair & skin Facial Lotion and Cream Facial wash
Opulyn™ Opacifiers Opacifier Easy to formulate and process, Cost effective, Provides dense creamy like uniform opacity and enhances the effect of dyes All skin care Cleansing formulations containing cationic conditioning agents
UCAR Polymers Cationic Conditioning Polymers Light/ medium conditioning to hair & controlled deposition of actives. Enable formulation of clear, shampoos with no build-up on hair and volume friendly finishes All Shampoo and Conditioner
EcoSense™1200/ Lauryl Glucoside EcoSense™919/ Coco Glucoside EcoSense™ 3000/ APG Surfactants 100% vegetable origin (Glucose from corn starch and Octyl-hexadecyl fatty alcohol from palm kernel oil and coconut oil): Excellent Foaming, Mildness to Skin, Preservative-free, Broad compatibility, Readily biodegradable, Low ecotoxicity, Ecocert listed Sulfate free and mild formulations
ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Fixative Resins ACUDYNE™ 1000: Hair Styling Polymer for long lasting style control with high levels of hold, excellent humidity resistance and no flaking. All styling agents
ACUDYNE™ 180 Hair Fixative Resins ACUDYNE™ 180: Natural feeling Hold. Good humidity resistance. All styling agents
ACUDYNE™ DHR Hair Fixative Resins ACUDYNE™ DHR: Developed specifically for high performance 55% VOC aerosol sprays and pumps, delivers “Strong Hold” and “All Day Flexible Style” All styling agents
ACUDYNE™ LT-120 Hair Fixative Resins ACUDYNE™ LT-120: Maximum Hold with stiff feel, excellent humidity resistance. All styling agents
ACUDYNE™ SCP Hair Fixative Resins ACUDYNE™ SCP: Firm hold, conditioned hair feel, and superior humidity resistance without flakes. All styling agents
ACULYN 28 Rheology Modifier / Stabilizer Easy to handle: Compatible with nonionic, anionic, Zwitterionic, and some cationic surfactants, Non-hygroscopic, Ability to stabilize suspensions, Increased, anufacturing efficiency, Mild, soft, non-greasy, non-sticky, Stable in pH 5.5 to 12 formulations, Able to formulate clear products, Can be used with electrolytes Clear hair gel
ACULYN 33 Rheology Modifier Works well in high SPF sunscreens: Suspending agent & stabilizer All sun care
CE-7080 Silicone Amino Elastomer Emulsion Nonionic emulsion: Water based, Curl retention, Curl definition, Curl memory, Flexible hold, Frizz control, Color protection, Smooth feel Leave In Conditioner: Hair Styling, mousses, hair spray, cream, gel, Rinse-off conditioners
Tergitol NP*, Triton X*
Tergitol*, Ecosurf SA*, Ecosurf EH*
Triton CF*
Triton BG*, Triton CG*
Tergitol L Series*
Tergitol MinFoam*