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Product Line

Product Chemistry Function Performance Attribute Application
CE-8411 Smooth Plus Emulsion Amino Silicone Emulsion (AB)n Silicone Copolymer: Nonionic Emulsion, Non-yellowing, Moisturizing feel with increased, slipperiness, smoothness, and flexibility, Superior, conditioning, Color protection, Increased shine Rinse-off Conditioners Leave-in Conditioners Shampoos
5-7113 Silicone Quat Emulsion Amino Silicone Emulsion intensive conditioning: heat protection, color protection, enhances body and volume, superior wet and dry detangling Shampoos, Rinse-off and leave on Conditioners, Styling Products
Xiameter PMX-1502 Dimethyl Silicone Fluid 35% cationic emulsion: Easy to formulate into hair treatment, Dilutable in water, Reduced combing time on wet hair, Does not give a heavy effect on dried hair 2n1 shampoo, A very good conditioning, additive especially when, formulated into leave-on and styling products. Can be used to formulate other types of products such as perms and colorants.
Xiameter MEM-2664 Dimethyl Silicone Emulsion Hair applications: XIAMETER® MEM-2664 Emulsion, is for use in a variety of hair care applications where the benefits of a high viscosity dimethicone are desired. This product is not for use in TSCA regulated applications in the United States. This product is not for use in Europe in industrial applications. Hair applications
Xiameter OFX-5330 Silicone polyether polymer Water soluble, Can be used for clear and opaque, Ultra shine, Light to medium conditioning, Does not weigh down hair, Moisturizes hair, heat activated Easy to formulate: Cold and hot process possible No solubilizer or suspending agent required Clear and opaque conditioning, shampoos, Rinse-off, conditioners Leave-in conditioning treatments (detanglers, hair masques, mousses)
Xiameter OFX-5330/5324 silicone polyether copolymer Allows formulation of high viscosity conditioning shampoos: Imparts soft silky feel to the hair, Gives improved wet and dry combing, Surfactant-based products: its solubility characteristics provide the formulator with the means to create clear, conditioning products 2n1 shampoo
XIAMETER OFX-6020 Organosilane Adhesion promoter Enhances adhesion to glass and inorganic mineral substrates Solvent borne or water borne PU, epoxy, acrylic, polyamide adhesives
XIAMETER OFS-6040 Silane Additive Adhesion promotion All epoxy flooring
2-2078 Fluid Amino Silicone Emulsion Superior long lasting shine: protects hair from damage during heat, treatments, protects color fading. Provides straightening enhancement when used in a lye relaxer Leave-in and styling hair products including shine sprays, creams, lotions and pomades, Relaxers, colorants
OFX-190 Silicone Glycol Copolymer Soluble in water, alcohol and hydroalcohol solutions: Resin plasticiser in hair styling products, Good surface tension depressant, wetting, agent and emulsifier Hair Sprays
OFX-193 Silicone Polyether Copolymer Emulsifier: Foam builder; forms a dense, stable foam, Plasticizes hair styling resins, Wetting agent, Surface tension depressant, Imparts soft, silky feel to the hair Hair sprays and other leave in hair products
ES-5300 Formulation Aid Emulsifier Silicone W/O and W/Si emulsifier: Non-diluted emulsifier, Low odor, Low viscosity All styling agents
5562 Carbinol Fluid Carbinol functional silicone fluid Enhances SPF in sun care formulations: Moisturization, Enhances fragrance release, Smoother, less tacky and more substantive than linear silicones All sun care
FZ-3196 Volatile Alkyl, Methyl Siloxane, Fluid Excellent spreadability, light silky-smooth feel : Excellent compatibility with both silicone and organic materials All sun care
Dow Corning MQ-1640 Flake Resin
Dow Corning 280A Silicone, Pressure, sensitive, adhesive Masking adhesive Good tack Solvent borne systems
Dow Corning 282 Silicone, Pressure, sensitive, adhesive Masking adhesive Good adhesion Solvent borne systems
Dow Corning 87 Silane Based emulsion Water repellency/ beading Water Resistance/Dirt- Pick up Additive Water-borne Interior/ Exterior
Dow Corning BY 25-337
Dow Corning MQ 1600 Solid Resin
Dow Corning Q2-7735 Silicone, Pressure, sensitive, adhesive Transfer adhesive Optical clarity, high tack and adhesion Solvent borne systems
Dow Corning SHP60 Silicone Hydrophobe Powder Additive Hydrophobic Additive Cement Modification
Dow Corning® 2-2078 Fluid
Dow Corning® 2502 Cosmetic Fluid
Dow Corning® 556 Cosmetic Grade Fluid
Dow Corning® 680 ID Fluid
Dow Corning® 8500 Conditioning Agent
Dow Corning® FZ-3196
DC 11 / 18 / 51 / 52 / 57 / 23N Silicone Additive Scratch / Mar Resistance Ca WB (18/51/52) / SB and UV (11/18/23N/57) :Cabinets / Furnitures
DC 163 Siliconebased Defoamer Antifoam Control foam generation in coatings Water-borne Interior/ Exterior
DC 204SL Silicone Polyether Co-polymer Additive Handfeel, slip & leveling UV
DC 205/4SL,
Silicone Additive Multi-purpose additives, silicone polyether provides leveling and slip with good recoatability Industrial metal coatings, inks and overprint varnishes.
DC 205SL Silicone Polyether Co-polymer Additive Hand feel, slip & leveling SB, WB, UV
DC 23N, DC 33 Silicone powder / Silicone suspension Additive Soft feel, mar resistance SB, WB
DC 3055 Silicone Resin Amine functional siloxane-extreme exterior durability and UV resistance. Epoxy performance with urethane flexibility External applications (bridges, storage tanks). 100% solids or SB
DC 3074 Silicone Resin Intermediate Silicone resin intermediate used in combination with organic resins via cold-blends or pre-reaction. Improve weatherability and heat resistance. Use with DC 3055 resin. Reactive diluent for low VOC/high temperature coating
DC 401 LS Silicone Polyether Co-polymer Additive Leveling primary benefit; slip & hand feel secondary benefit WB, SB
DC 401LS/402LS Silicone Additive Leveling, slip WB (401/402) / SB (401) / UV (402): Cabinets / Furnitures
DC 402 LS Silicone Polyether Co-polymer Additive Leveling & slip WB, UV
DC 500W,
DC 501W,
Silicone Polyether Additive Substrate wetting, agents – surface, tension reduction WB
DC 51 Waterdispersible, ultra-highmolecularweight polydimethylsilicone dispersion Mar Resistance in final coating Mar resistance & slip Water-borne Interior/ Exterior
DC 51, DC 52 High MW polydimethyl silicone dispersion Additive Mar resistance & slip WB
DC 52 Waterdispersible, ultra-highmolecularweight polydimethylsilicone dispersion Mar Resistance in final coating, Reduced Visc. Compared to DC 51 Mar resistance and easy to reduce with water due to proprietary surfactant package (Low Visc version of DC 51) Water-borne Interior/ Exterior
DC 57 Non-reactive silicon glycol: copolymer surfactant supplied @100% concentration Leveling in film Wetting and Leveling WB Flexo
DC 65 Water-based silicone defoamer Antifoam Defoaming/Mar Resistance WB Flexo
DC 71 Polymeric silicone foam control agent Antifoam FDA clearances yet few defects and very potent Waterborne Interior/ Exterior
DC 74 Polymeric silicone foam control agent Antifoam Few defects and very potent UV Ink
DC 87/88 Silicone Additive Water repellant/water adsorption SB/WB: Deck / Fence / Siding
DC IE6694/ IE6683 Silane /Siloxane blend Resin Low VOC, high solids Water-based water repellents