Momentive is a global leader in specialty chemicals and materials, with a broad range of advanced specialty products that help industrial and consumer companies support and improve everyday life.

Momentive uses its technology portfolio to deliver tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers around the world.


Product Line

Product Chemistry Function Performance Attribute Application
EPI-REZ 6006-W-68 Epoxy Cresol, Novolac, Dispersion Resin High temperature stability and chemical resistance Waterbased apoxy grout, mortar, and structural adhesive
EPI-REZ Waterborne Epoxy Resins
Epoxy Resin Low VOC, good flexibility High solids primer (SB). Use with Epikure 3155 (general), 3175 (low viscosity) or 3251 (high corrosion).
EPIKOTE 816 Modified, DGEBPA, epoxy resin Binder Low viscosity, low VOC, good wetting of inorganic fillers Solventborne high solids or 100% solids adhesives
Epoxy Curing Agent Curing agent for water based zinc rich epoxy coating-better corrosion performance than SB. Curing agent for use with Epirez 6520-WH-53 for harsh environments.
EPIKURE 3388 Cycloaliphatic Amine Curing Agent Chem. Resistance 100% solids concrete flooring
EPIKURE 8535-W-50 Modified, polyamidoamine Epoxy curing agent 100% waterbased, imparts flexibility and hardness, excellent solvent resistance Waterbased adhesive
EPIKURE Epoxy Hardeners
Epoxy Resin 2K Water based zinc rich epoxy coating with better corrosion performance than SB. Water based zinc rich epoxy (2K)– for excellent corrosion protection.
EPON 816 Epoxy Resin Low viscosity, economical, wetting 100% solids concrete flooring
Epon 863 Epoxy Resin Low viscosity, economical and better chemical resistance than Epon 828. High Solids. low VOC, solvent based (SB) coatings. Use with Epikure 3251
EPON Epoxy Resins
RSW – 4364 Epoxy Resin Water based alternative for industrial economic epoxy coating. High solids/low VOC. Use with 8535-W-50, 8537-WY- 60 or 6870-WH-53.