Global resin partner LANXESS, is a leading supplier of high-tech plastics that range across industries like automotive, electronics and construction materials. With roots dating as far back as 1863, LANXESS grew out of the Bayer Group’s chemical and plastics business, bringing customers premium products from a company with the experience to ensure quality. Efficient production facilities and intensive product and application development makes LANXESS one of the most competitive providers in the field.


Nexeo Solutions offers an extensive selection of high performance LANXESS Durethan® and Pocan® products, both recognized for innovative and outstanding features that can help with your applications. Later this month we’ll dive deeper, providing you detail around the application uses for these products.


Industries and areas of application

Durethan®: for use in the automotive and electrical/ electronics industries as well as construction

Pocan®: for use in the electrical/ electronics and automotive industries as well as medicine, sports and recreation