RheTech, Inc. is a leading producer of engineered reinforced polypropylenes, nylon and other resin compounds and multi-functional color concentrates and additives. The company is headquartered in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. Founded in 1969, RheTech has two plants in Michigan, one in Ohio and one in South Carolina. Rhetech was purchased by HEXPOL Compounding in 2015.

RheTech’s polymer compounds address requirements for part strength, functionality, aesthetics, processability and cost across different market segments, including the automotive, truck, electronics, construction, and consumer markets.

RheVision is a line of bio fiber reinforced polypropylene. The company takes true bio waste products and with its proprietary production line, provide customers with a compound that is the leading edge of technology. RheVision replaces traditional minerals that take energy to mine, and have a finite supply, with renewable bio waste. All of its bio fibers are true waste products that are either traditionally burned or buried. These products come from a variety of sources, but none are grown for the specific purpose of being added to its plastic. By using RheVision, the customers reduce their carbon footprint and reduce dependence on high energy consumers, like fiberglass and talc. Rhetech also offers grades that contain true post-consumer content, by incorporating up to 15% of a certifiable post-consumer polyolefin resin. This can  provide customers with a product that could contain over 50% waste product.