Keeping it all connected

Nexeo Solutions’ is the largest global distributor with a centralized network. Our supply chain organization designs, plans, executes, controls, and monitors supply with the objective of creating net value through a superior infrastructure, synchronization of supply with demand and measuring performance.

Our Centralized Network Provides Differentiated:

  • Superior service throughout North America, Asia and EMEA
  • Same day and Next day service to 99% of our customers
  • Local deliveries executed via our Private Fleet which boasts a 95% on-time delivery record

Logistics | Operations

  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Importing
  • Exporting
  • Trans-loading
  • Storage
  • Bulk breakdown
  • Small packaging
  • Blending
  • Private label

Import | Export Services

From global to local, we make it simple!

  • Global supply chain expertise
  • Multi-lingual
  • Flexible logistic options: ocean, air, rail, truck
  • Contractual agreements with most major Asian, European and South American ports of entry
  • Specialists in export regulations
  • Environmental, health and safety support

Save Time and Money

… It’s not just about technology.. it’s about adding value and improving performance across the board …
Remote Inventory Monitoring

  • Inventory accuracy – eliminate stockouts, improve forecasting and reduce holding costs
    • Users monitor and manage inventory in real time
    • Wireless sensor modules gather data and send it to a network router
    • Router transfers it to data center to process for users to review
  • Safety – eliminate manual measurements
  • Economics – low capital investment and installation costs, minimal maintenance
  • Ordering efficiencies – automate ordering process, reduce paperwork and administrative costs

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

  • Allow direct trading of inbound and outbound transactions with customers including, purchase orders, invoices and various other documents

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