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Abitec Chemical Distributor

ABITEC has chosen Nexeo Solutions to be a national distributor for its line of ACCOQUAT® Rinse Cycle Fabric Softener Quaternary Surfactants and Automotive Rinse Aid Cationic Emulsifiers. These new products are an exciting addition to Nexeo Solutions’ current comprehensive HI&I line. The fabric softener quaternary agents are specifically tailored for liquid formulations which are added during the rinse cycle in commercial or home laundry.

ABITEC has been an innovator of fabric softener quaternary surfactants for over 45 years. ABITEC has superior technical knowledge and formulations expertise for industrial, textile, and household fabric softener applications:

  • Broad product range (Diamido Amines, Imidazolinium, and TEA Esters)
  • Excellent softening and static control
  • Improved product color retention and color consistency
  • Improved product dispersibility and ease of use for cost effective formulations
  • Excellent rewet

Automotive rinse aids are being used more frequently as automatic tunnel washes grow in popularity. Rinse aids are sprayed onto the car surface during the final rinse making the surface more hydrophobic, resulting in ease of water removal by dryers, reducing water spots, and providing overall higher shine.

ABITEC’s ACCOQUAT® line of car rinse aid emulsifiers are balanced to provide the optimum level of beading and sheeting action when blended with hydrophobic agents, such as mineral seal oil (MSO). ABITEC’s ACCOQUAT® line has undergone extensive testing demonstrating high effectiveness in creating stable micro-emulsions, providing a hydrophobic surface for ease of rinse ability and water spot prevention.

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