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Asking more from chemistry

Solvay innovates and partners with its customers to improve the lives of the millions of people every day who take a plane, use a car, a smartphone or a shampoo. It is in this way that our advanced materials contribute to ever more sustainable mobility and our formulations help to optimize natural resources.

With a passion for Science, Solvay is open to the world around it.

For more than 150 years, Solvay has devoted itself to building innovative ecosystems so as to align the Group more and more closely with the needs of each of its stakeholders.

The demanding nature of our ambition also imposes responsibilities on us: to guarantee quality and innovation, to set a professional example and to make a commitment to society.

These are the responsibilities enshrined in the commitment and sense of initiative of our 26,800 employees who innovate and manufacture our products in more than 61 countries.


At Solvay, you realize that innovation is everywhere! - Marco Miserez, Fund Manager, Candriam Investement Group

Our Research & Innovation is at the core of our business. And our commitment to R&I upholds our reputation as a leader in our field. It is embedded in our past and future, as we continue to lead the way in pioneering technologies that ask more from chemistry. 

Over 150 years ago Ernest Solvay made his technological breakthrough with the ammonia-soda process. Since then we have pioneered new concepts such as biosourcing as alternative to fossil raw materials, silica for energy efficient tires, or high-performance polymers reducing weight of cars or airplanes  - even Solar Impulse.

Our R&I employees across the globe continue to push boundaries and we continue to excel, propelling this field into the future.


Performance and responsibility are inseparable. We are convinced that sustainable development is a source of opportunities and value creation.Solvay Way is our Corporate Social Responsibility approach. Aligned with the ISO 26000 standard, Solvay Way translates our ambitions for more sustainable development into concrete actions and clear responsibilities.

The success of Solvay Way is due to collective input from of all employees. Each one is invited to take on board the Group’s sustainable development objectives. Solvay Way is anchored in the day-to-day reality of our various professions. It is a key component of our corporate identity.

Our Expertise

Through our consumer’s market need knowledge, our main objective in Personal Care is to support our customers with technical solutions on surfactants, natural & synthetic polymers, fragrances and precipitated silica to provide end market solutions.

Hence, we develop and manufacture broad range of solutions that delivers benefits to support our customers success.

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