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Ethanol and Distilled Spirits Blending

Your Alternative Solvent Solutions

Despite the regulatory complexities, many companies are using ethanol-based solvents as an alternative to conventional solvent systems for industrial applications. The acceptable exposure limits for ethanol are high, compared to other commonly used industrial solvents, and ethanol generally mixes easily with water and other chemicals. That being said, there are many other factors that can result in this solvent being a beneficial addition to various applications. 

What is Ethyl Alcohol and Why Should I Use it?

Ethanol is a renewable resource derived primarily from corn, although synthetic ethanol is produced via the hydration of ethylene. It is a versatile solvent that can be a cost-effective ingredient in many industrial and commercial applications. Widely available and considered to be environmentally acceptable by industry experts, ethyl alcohol is a flammable, colorless liquid with a slight odor, low toxicity and high evaporation rate that makes it attractive for use in various applications, including end uses ranging from liquid dishwashing detergents and hand sanitizers to aerosol paints and coatings to printing inks and duplication fluids.

Few chemicals are as versatile and hard working. In beauty and personal care products, ethanol acts as an astringent, carrier, or preservative, helping hairsprays to adhere to hair and lotions not to separate. In certain concentrations, ethanol can be used as an ingredient in hand sanitizers to effectively kill certain bacteria and other microorganisms. As an additive or a preservative, ethanol helps dissolve or disperse other ingredients (such as in air fresheners) and can even help enhance flavors and aromas (such as in vanilla extract).

Comprehensive Solutions for Ethanol and Ethanol Blending

In addition to having a large network of suppliers, Nexeo Solutions provides a suite of value added services to help customers succeed in the complex business and regulatory landscape that applies to ethanol use and distribution. No matter your industry or application, Nexeo Solutions can be your trusted partner to provide assistance with material sourcing, custom and specialty blending lab services, and private labeling, all of which is backed by our dedicated customer care team with the aim to meet your custom ethanol requirements.

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