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Personal Care, Skin, and Cosmetic Chemical Services

A Passion to Create Innovative Beauty and Personal Products

Crushed cosmetic powedersIn order for personal care products to meet their full potential, it is important that they are not only effective, but are made with safe, quality ingredients as well. That’s why Nexeo Solutions offers a wide range of personal care lab capabilities to help improve and enrich customers’ personal care product lines.

Nexeo Solutions is focused on your vision of creating personal care products that resonate with your customers. When you deliver products that are quality-made and effective in use, your artistry is confirmed.

That’s why we drive quality control, troubleshoot end use and spend time in research and development, all while working hard to understand your needs and product goals. Nexeo Solutions is committed to helping you deliver truly transformational personal care products to the market.

No matter where you are in your process, Nexeo Solutions is dedicated to your personal care product’s success. We continually challenge ourselves to understand the depth of our customers’ needs so we can provide innovative and targeted solutions— across a wide range of consumer goods—to deliver the greatest business impact.

Services to Drive Your Products’ Market Potential

With tailor-made formulations and solutions utilizing quality ingredients, we consistently shape cutting-edge personal care concepts that ultimately can help our customers increase their bottom line.

Formulation development and testing services include:

  • Custom formulations
  • Prototype development and sampling
  • Product benchmark analyses and testing
  • Raw material sourcing to match benchmarks
  • Raw material performance evaluation
  • Custom workshops and seminars for suppliers, customers and sales teams
  • Stability testing (Freeze/thaw, humidity, microbial, UV)
  • Viscosity and rheology testing
  • In-vitro SPF measurement testing (SPF boosting and water resistance comparisons of formulations)
  • Photo-stability of sunscreen formulations
  • Product gloss testing (in package and after application)
  • Skin moisture testing
  • Hair shine testing

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