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Industrial Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing from Material Traceability to Waste Disposal

Chemical storage facility warehouse interiorWhether you are running multi-step reactions or performing simple dissolutions, Nexeo Solutions has the raw materials and complementary services to be the distributor that helps you achieve business success. As a collaborative partner, we work with you at every stage, from material traceability to waste disposal.

With a footprint of more than 50 facilities across North America, we are well-positioned to service your bulk, drum, tote and pail needs for liquid chemicals, as well as provide bags and super-sacks of solid chemicals. We understand the biggest drain on your business is downtime. Nexeo Solutions has achieved a 95% on-time delivery record through our private fleet—in our hands, you can feel confident that we are striving to deliver the right products to you at the right time to ensure your production schedule will continue to run smoothly.

From solvents and resins to hydrocarbons and polymers, we’ve got a wide range of product offerings that will support your continued operations; plus the supply chain capabilities that can help you outperform your competition.

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