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Metalworking Fluids and Lubricant Lab Services
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Speciality and Commodity Chemicals to Help You Manage Your Surface Finishing Needs

Metalworking fluid being applied to a surface for machiningNexeo Solutions has a line of specialty and commodity chemicals to help you manage your surface finishing needs. We know that choosing the wrong product can be costly.

Our portfolio of chemicals contains quality metalworking fluid and coolant products and are sourced from reputable suppliers in the industry. We help keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently by finding smart solutions to satisfy your business needs.

When choosing a specialty metalworking fluid, we know there are many considerations including cost, safety, product life and availability. We have thousands of chemicals from the industry's top producers to give you peace of mind when you are choosing a specialty chemical.

Backed by decades of experience and innovation, our technical services team is available to support your business. Whether you're looking to enhance your product through specialized solutions or wanting to troubleshoot an issue, we're here to help you maximize your productivity.

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