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Alternatives in Sunscreen Formulation
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Drive to Protect Reefs has Potential for Major Sunscreen Industry Impact

In May 2017, the Hawaiian State Legislature passed a new requirement that impacts 70% of sunscreens on the market today by banning certain key active ingredients. The driving factor of this regulation is the growing belief that these ingredients can damage ocean reefs.

The measure will ban the sale or distribution of any sunscreen containing oxybenzone or octinoxate in the state of Hawaii beginning in 2021. While the regulation only impacts Hawaii, the measure may have nationwide impacts as companies look to efficiently produce products that can be sold across the United States.

This development follows a growing global trend of replacing current ingredients with alternative ones that are seen as balancing health with environmental sustainability.

Creating Solutions that Address Market Challenges

The lab services division of Nexeo Solutions is keenly aware of the market changes you face with your products. Our personal care formulation experts have already developed several formulations that will meet the forthcoming requirements—including SPF 50+ formulations for both sensitive skin and water resistance.

Each formulation leverages our extensive line card and raw materials from our world-class suppliers.

Whether you are hoping to re-formulate your products to meet regulatory and sustainability goals or you are interested in our formulations for turn-key use, the Nexeo Solutions team is ready to help you tackle challenges impacting the personal care industry.

For more information, contact our lab services team or reach out to your Nexeo Solutions sales representative.

Source: https://chemicalwatch.com/66685/hawaii-set-to-ban-two-sunscreen-ingredients

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