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Chemical and Plastic Warehousing Solutions
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Minimizing Large-Scale Investments

Nexeo Solutions is always looking to expand our offering to the marketplace and find new ways to partner with customers to solve their challenges. We want to become an extension of your brand by managing the logistics, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Many of our customers excel in manufacturing but are lacking in certain elements in their supply chain. To solve these issues, we leverage our own assets in distribution and logistics to provide our own Supply Chain Services, including warehousing, inventory management and more. Our aim is to create value for you in the market by managing the “Last Mile.”

In an effort to become your single-source provider, we will partner with you to understand your storage challenges and present you with custom inventory management solutions that we believe will address your needs. Rather than getting trapped in expensive leases where half of your storage goes unused, or constantly trying to keep up with fluctuating markets, you can leverage our Warehousing Services and go back to focusing on your core operations.

Our centralized warehousing and distribution system is built upon a goal to support market demand.

Through Nexeo Solutions, your warehousing program will grow with your business. Whether you are looking for bulk handling, tank storage or more, we’ve got you covered.

The inside of a warehouseWarehousing Services:

  • Storage for packaged goods
  • Bulk storage
  • Flammable storage
  • Temporary storage (i.e., Drop-ship inventory)
  • Cold-and warm-room storage
  • Hazardous storage
  • Food-grade storage
  • Cross docking
  • Trans-loading

Ensuring Supply during New Product Qualifications by Providing Storage Space

Nexeo Solutions can assist with product positioning (either raw or finished goods) in optimal geographies through our various warehousing locations in North America, Europe and Asia. If you are tight on storage space, make Nexeo Solutions your first phone call. We have the capabilities to store raw or finished goods in our warehouses, as well as hazardous, flammable, corrosive, temperature-sensitive and food-grade products at various sites.

When faced with the discontinuation of a raw material, oftentimes the customer has a long approval process for a replacement product. However, we can work with you and the manufacturer of the product to allow you to pre-buy several months’ worth of inventory that can be stored in our facilities in an effort to assist you with this transition process.

Mitigating Supplier Risk

Safety and compliance are the foundation of our supply chain network. We pride ourselves on taking proactive measurements to help reduce supplier risk and ensure continual supply of products to our customers. Nexeo Solutions’ culture, ethics and compliance practices extend throughout the entire supply chain.

Learn more about our HSSE focus

Contact us today to start leveraging our network of warehouses to position your products in the optimal geographies for servicing your customers.